SICCE LED Lighting, 20W


LED Lighting 20W – MINU 24V 100-240V 50/60Hz EU 1,5m

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Product Description

LED Lighting – MINU
High efficiency LED lamps for maximum lumen output and minimal power consumption;
– Natural-looking illumination and uniform light dispersion over the entire tank area;
– Safe, efficient and silent heat dissipation without noisy fans;
– Light spectrum does not shift over time;
– Modular Design;
– High PAR for full reef tanks.
MINÚ – Aquarium Lighting system for tank up to 60 L (20 gal), elegant and complete with mounting hardware and 2 separate power supplies (one for white LEDs and one for blue LEDs).
mod. AM140
Dimensions : 140 x 140 x H 40 mm
Weight : 0,8 Kg
Power Consumption : 20 Watt
White LED : 72 – Blue LED : 4
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