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H&O Koral

What is H & O KORAL? H & O KORAL is not just a simple food for corals and filter feeders, but is a management system for food supplement because it provides everything required by the coral and as it happens in nature, tends to produce the right amount of batterioplankton, without depleting too much water . And ‘complete with all minerals excipients, of all amino acids and vitamins in the exact natural concentration for this can be used as the sole food product. However in the case of animals such as LPS and gorgonians azooxanthellate that have high protein requirements it is advisable to add H & O KORAL any zooplankton powdered / lyophilized. Why it is ideal for corals? For those who produce liquid feed “ready to use” solutions are possible and that make the classic 2 formulated with water + zooplankton / phytoplankton + preservatives or from a protein hydrolyzate readily available on the industrial market for Food; Both these systems have two major limitations that: – The use of the skimmer inevitably filtered proteins. The fact inhibit the skimming by inserting in the feed fats, the delays only skimming but can not ‘prevent it. – Amino acids are present in the mixture is in the form “L” whether “D” for which not all be assimilated by the coral and instead greatly appreciated by cyanobacteria … that’s why with normal products on the market, there is often an explosion of cyanobacteria and corals instead darken and lose color! To avoid this H & O KORAL, unlike other formulations competitors, it consists of individual “bricks”, ie individual amino acids and exclusively in the form “L” which is the only assimilable by the coral. This makes sure that the skimmer can not physically intercept H & O and then KORAL schiumer√† only organic residues derived from fish feces. H & O KORAL, unlike other products on the world market, not even require preservatives because just the fact of having the same concentration of nutrients of natural sea water, has a very low pH that prevents degeneration and fermentations In smaller tanks rather usually sottoschiumate, the use of H & O KORAL can ‘give miraculous results !!


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