SICCE Shark ADV 600


SHARK ADV 600 INTERNAL FILTER – 600l/h 230-240V 50Hz EU 2P 1,5m

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Product Description

Shark ADV mod. 600
Exclusive in design, Shark ADV is one of the best internal filters for aquariums.
Shark ADV comes in three versions with different powers: from 400 to 800 l/h, for 60-200 L aquariums.
Shark ADV is equipped with the patented magnetic connecting system (MCS) and an air flow adjustment with 4 settings, to compensate low water movement in the tank with grater aeration.
Fast release wall coupling.
Wide angle swivel positioning.
A modular filtering system with interchangeble active-carbon, micro-porous sponge cartridges.
Shark ADV internal filers can work alone as filters or as auxiliary circulator pumps for large aquariums, especially marine.
• Magnetic connecting system with interchangeable cartridges
• Wall mount suction cups
• Venturi system for greater oxygenation
• Water flow adjusted by head setting
• Adjustable filter for greater water flow control and for preventing fish from entering the filter.
Shark ADV, one of the best internal filters for aquariums.
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