About Us
Our Company

Aqua Nautic Specialist (ANS) is a global market leader in the aquarium industry with operations in Singapore, China and United States.

Our business philosophy

Utilize our experience, network and infrastructure to provide excellence before and after sales assuring every customer receive best consistent quality of live stock with competitively priced.

Our Vision

With efficient premium livestock supply chain management and ordering system. We hope to establish ourselves as a reputable world-class importer and exporter of ornamental fish known for quality customer service and premium livestock.



Our Livestock

We are a leading supplier of exotic tropical fish and reptiles with an extensive network of more than 38 vendors from Asia, Africa and South America.

All livestock were pack and seal in a strict protocol with complied the regulations and inspected by Singapore AVA authorities before delivery.

Comply with the OFI Code of Ethics, repudiated as a reliable business partner of supplying their best services, livestock, plants and products

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Global Operation

As a global market leader in ornamental fish indusial, ANS delivers promise to customer with the highest level of service quality. With Over 30 years of experience in quarantine and export, ANS has developed a safe and efficient system to ensure our fish arrive at their destinations in prime condition and within an acceptable time frame.

USA (Califonia)
China (Guangzhou)

ANS (Singapore) was established in 1975, focusing primarily on the breeding and distribution of ornamental fish. Since then, Singapore office soon diversified into an international export and import business with operations in United States and subsequently in china

Our freshwater plant in Singapore has receiving, holding, conditioning and shipping facilities as well as an advanced quarantine system with more than 1000 aquariums. These are equipped with solids filter, chiller, heater, two fluidized beds, protein fractionators as well as zone and water circulates. To ensure that our fish is in pristine condition before export, they are kept in the climate/ temperature – controlled staging area and closely monitored by staffs who are highly experienced in handling and caring for livestock.

Today, we are one of the major players in the industry and have established ourselves as a trusted supplier for quality aquatic livestock and products at competitive prices. This, we achieved through the support of international clients and our commitment to deliver premium customer service and products.


ANS (USA) began operations in 1983 focusing primarily on the transshipment of ornamental fish. The business grew steadily and by 1987, had to relocate to a larger 30,680 sq ft facility with a land size of 130,680 sq ft (approximately three acres) in Inglewood California and located five minutes form the LA international Airport.

Our logistic and supply management system includes a 4,000 sq ft in-house marine facility and a marine transship acclimation facility of 2,000 sg ft. To reduce transit time for our livestock, a highly proficient crew of 15 staff is permanently deployed at the airport to handle shipment clearance. At our 6,000 sq ft freshwater acclimation facility, our crew of 35 staff is trained to re-oxygenate the fish within a time frame that exceeds industry standards. This system ensures that our clients receive our goods in the best possible condition and within the shortest time.

Today, the US operations transships a rapidly growing range of topical and marine fish, coral, invertebrates and live rock from more than 35 countries and covers most cities in the Americas.

Apart from premium-grade products, we also offer clients hassle-free export and transshipping service at reasonable prices via our Buying Guide, Weekly Special Offers and Weekly Super Offers. With our round-the-clock service, our clients can be assured that their needs and queries will be looked into promptly.

With our commitment and years of experience, we look forward to bringing each customer the highest quality products and returns on their investment.


As china gains pace as a global economic powerhouse, we have identified it as the next area of growth. Guangzhou in particular, is an ideal tropical fish export city with massive resources and a great variety of exotics live stocks to offer.

ANS (Guangzhou) was established in 2005 and now handles a wide variety of fish, including rare and exotic species and reptiles from various parts of china. With our stringent quality control standards, conditioning, packing and shipping protocols, ANS (Guangzhou) is now an established and trusted supplier to our customers in Europe, Asia and the Americas.